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Las Vegas Public Radio And KIOF 90.1 FM To Restart It's Travel & Tourism Office Services Outside Of Macao Near The Wynn, Venetian & Sands Macao

May 21, 2024, at 11:56 PM

Las Vegas Public Radio And KIOF 90.1 FM To Restart It's Travel & Tourism Office Services Outside Of Macao Near The Wynn, Venetian & Sands Macao

LAS VEGAS (LVPR) - Las Vegas Public Radio and KIOF 90.1 FM will restart it's travel & tourism office services outside of Macao. The radio station received preliminary approval in early 2020 by the Chinese government to establish a regional office to support the travel & tourism industry between Las Vegas and it's sister gambling city Macao. The travel & tourism office was/is being worked on directly by Las Vegas Public Radio President & CEO Gregory LaPorta and Chinese Ambassador Donghua Wang of the People's Republic of China. Both LaPorta and Wang met in early 2020 during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to finalize the remaining steps needed by Las Vegas Public Radio to get the office operational when LaPorta was still sitting on former President Trump's Advisory Board just a day before seeing Ivanka Trump speak at a private event during CES.

LaPorta had previously established a office similar to what the radio station was/is establishing outside of Macao in Bangkok, Thailand using his experience while working alongside a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) mission during the early 2000's. LaPorta was also working individuals from Melbourne, Australia who were working on clean and fresh water delivery systems for Thais through a joint Australia-Thailand government project he was observing. LaPorta has also had the opportunity to work directly inside the Thailand Board of Investment (Thailand BOI) with individuals from the United Kingdom and Australia in the mid-2000's on another upstart project in Bangkok, Thailand which ironically has laid some of the ground work techniques LaPorta is using presently to establish the Las Vegas Public Radio travel & tourism office outside of Macao.

LaPorta states, "During the old KIOF-LP 97.9 FM days, Las Vegas Public Radio had many listeners tune in over the Internet streams to KIOF-LP 97.9 FM and Las Vegas Public Radio to get news and information out of Las Vegas - sometimes by the thousands during some weeks. The "Las Vegas Public Radio" brand name was well received by the Chinese as it opens a gateway for the Chinese to relate to Las Vegas and it's travel & tourism industry in many ways prior to even visiting southern Nevada and the tri-state area. Our Las Vegas Public Radio regional office outside of Macao was/is designed to help those Chinese visitors with establishing U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) accounts for visas, translation services, arranging tour packages in Las Vegas with area resorts and casinos as well as providing the Chinese with joint investment opportunities in the tri-state area through manufacturing options like setting up shop in the Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas. Since the Las Vegas Public Radio office was/is just a short 3-4 miles outside of Macao, it's easiliy accessible to Americans traveling to the Macao casinos like the Wynn, Venetian, and Sands Macao."

LaPorta goes on to state, "Ambassador Wang of the People's Republic of China has been very welcoming to our organization and assisting the organzation with the establishment of the office. The Ambassador was with the United Nations in New York City prior to relocating out to San Francisco several years ago so both he and I share a mutual respect between countries and the work that we do to bridge the relations in any way possible for the travel & tourism industries between both countries. The Las Vegas Public Radio office outside of Macao is not to far from the Wynn, Venetian and Sands Macao as it also acts as the regional hub to help visitors from Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc. to meet with local Americans to prepare them for their trip coming to Las Vegas and the tri-state area."

Las Vegas Public Radio will soon be broadcasting on KIOF 90.1 FM at 48,000 Watts to discuss the Las Vegas Public Radio office outside of Macao for travel & tourism operations between Macao and Las Vegas with vistors visiting the tri-state area from abroad.